While it is always unfortunate when a game gets rained out, we certainly hope you enjoyed our Independence Day celebration and our Concert in the Sky fireworks and laser show on July 3rd. Due to it not being a complete game your ticket becomes a “Rain Check” for a future Blowfish game.

Simply bring your ticket stub from the rained out game to the stadium box office ( or email [email protected]) and it will be exchanged for a ticket to the future game of your choosing. Rain checks are not subject to any refund and shall bear no cash value. If issued complimentary, this ticket shall bear no value and is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Please be sure to reach out with any questions you might have and call us at 803-254-3474 (or again you can email 

[email protected]).

Rain Out Policy

Rain Out Policy

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2024 Blowfish Rain Out Policy

Unfortunately the Lexington County Blowfish cannot control the weather. If the game gets rained out, then please have all members of your group hold onto their ticket. The ticket can be redeemed at the box office for any other regular season game in 2024. If an official game is played (that being 4 ½ innings if the home team is leading) the ticket will not qualify as a rain check. Please call 803-254-3474 with questions.

In the event that an All You Can Eat game is rained out, 90 minutes of food service constitutes the food portion of the All You Can Eat deal being rendered. Food will be served starting at 6:00pm (unless otherwise noted). If the game is called after 90 minutes of food service and the Blowfish have not played a full game the ticket may be exchanged for a seat of equal value (based on availability) for any regular season non-restricted home game in 2024, while the food will not be provided at the future game.



Q: What is the ticket policy for a suspended or postponed game?

A: In the event five innings of a game are not completed, except when the home team is in the lead at the end of 4-1/2 innings, your ticket will be good for any remaining regular season game, subject to availability.

Each ticket must be exchanged at least 24 hours in advance of desired game at the Blowfish Box Office at the stadium or at Blowfish on Main/ 101 East Main St Lexington- for a ticket of equal or lesser value. Exchanges must be made in person and cannot be processed via telephone, e-mail or facsimile.

When a game becomes suspended or postponed, your ticket does not carry over to the new game time as seats have already been sold for the preexisting game.

Q: When does a game become official? What is the ticket policy?

If a game is called due to inclement weather or other circumstances after five innings (or 4-1/2 innings if the home team is winning) have been played, a game is considered “official”. In this case, there will be no ticket exchanges as the game has completed its minimum required amount of innings.

Q: What is the parking policy for suspended or postponed games?

If a game commences and then is suspended due to inclement weather or any other reason, refunds will not be issued for parking tickets.

If a game fails to commence and is postponed, monetary refunds will not be issued. Instead, cashiers and attendants will be instructed to inform parking patrons that they may keep their parking ticket to use at a game in the future (that is, they will be allowed to park at ONE GAME free of charge by presenting the canceled game’s parking ticket at parking lot entrance). Based on space available.