Blowfish Reading Program

Complete the following form to enroll your school in the 2023 Blowfish Home Run Reading Program.

Once you complete this form, a member of our staff will reach out to confirm your enrollment in the program and your game date. Our staff member also will provide information to assist with the program.

The Blowfish Home Run Reading Program is FREE and all schools are encouraged to participate.

For any questions regarding the Blowfish Home Run Reading Program, call our front office at (803) 254-3474 or email [email protected].

Below are the details with the Blowfish Reading Program:
Read 1 book = 1 ticket to a Blowfish home game
Read 2 books = 2 tickets to a Blowfish home game
Read 3 books = participate in an on-field reading program parade
Read 4 books = a free Blowie Snowie shaved ice