Blowie’s All-Star Reading Program

Blowie's All-Star Reading Program is open to all students inside Lexington County, grades kindergarten through fifth. Complete the following form to enroll your school in the 2024 Blowie's All-Star Reading Program.

Once you complete this form, a member of our staff will reach out to confirm your enrollment in the program and assign your game date. Our staff member also will provide information to assist with the program.

Blowie's All-Star Reading Program is FREE and all schools in Lexington County are encouraged to participate. Homeschooled students are also welcome to participate.

For any questions regarding Blowie's All-Star Reading Program, call our front office at (803) 254-3474 or email [email protected].

Blowie's All-Star Reading Program:

Read 1 book = 1 ticket to a Blowfish home game
Read 2 books = 2 tickets to a Blowfish home game
Read 3 books = participate in an on-field reading program parade
Read 4 books = a free Blowie Snowie shaved ice


How To Participate:

1. Contact the Blowfish

  • • Review the below material.
  • • Call/Email the Blowfish with any questions.

2. Sign Up

  • • Sign up online by filling out the form near the bottom of this page (a Blowfish representative will contact you after receiving the form).
  • Click here to download the information packet for the reading program, which provides more detailed information for teachers, librarians and parents.

3. Review Program Requirements

  • • Blowie's All-Star Reading Program is divided into four sections, representing a "base" on the baseball diamond. Once students complete a book, they will advance to the next base! The goal is to hit a "home run" by the end of the designated time frame set by the teacher, librarians or media specialists.
  • • Each base the student completes comes with a prize from Blowie the Blowfish.

4. Track Student Progress

  • • Teachers will track the progress of their students. Parents are also encouraged to help track their child's progress.
  • • All students will be provided with a printable tracker which can be filled out to keep up with reading progress.
  • Click here to download the PDF tracker.

5. Complete the Program

  • • Once the student has completed requirements for 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and hit a "home run", parents will click on the "Reading Log Button" and fill out the form. A QR code is available on each student's reading tracker which directs you to the online reading log.
  • • After the student's reading log has been submitted, parents will receive an email with a link and a code for two complimentary tickets.
  • • Completed Reading Logs must be submitted one week prior to the school's assigned game.

6. Get Your Tickets

  • • Once you have received the code, you will visit the link in the email.
  • • Click 'Get Tickets' and then put in the unique offer code and hit 'Submit'.
  • • Next, select the number of "Reading Program Reward" tickets (2).
  • • You can add on more General Admission tickets to your order if needed, at $6.50 each.
  • • Tickets will be emailed directly to the person with the unique offer code from Etix.

7. Get Your Blowie Snowie

  • • Students who fulfill the requirements of the Reading Program should bring their reading tracker to the game to use as a voucher for a Blowie Snowie as well.


Sign up for Blowie's All-Star Reading Program


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is it to participate in the Reading Program?

Blowie's All-Star Reading Program is completely free of charge for teachers and students. The Blowfish will provide you with all requisite materials.